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A Global Blockchain Conference in India

A Global Blockchain Conference in India

About the Blockchain Conference

  • To Educate the masses about Blockchain tech
  • Discuss on Regulation around Blockchain, Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum & ICO’s.
  • Bring together Developers, Education Institutes, Experts, Researchers, Government, Enthusiasts and Companies dealing in Blockchain Technologies under one roof.
  • Discuss common problems faced by these groups and try to come up with proposed solutions for those.
  • Educate the masses about what blockchain is and how it is changing the world around them.
  • Give a platform to startups to showcase their innovative solutions to common problems faced by the society

Date & Place

The Blockchain Conference will take place in New Delhi. The exact venue will soon be announced by the organisers. The blockchain conference is scheduled on 16 & 17 December, 2017.

Pre Conference Events

The communities of CryptoCurrency India and HyperLedger Delhi/NCR is holding regular meetups around Delhi/NCR.

The main aim of these meetups is to educate people about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts & ICO’s. As a developer community the focus is on teaching people on how to write smart contracts too.

The culmination of all these meetups would be a hackathon around the days of the conference. Focused around solving the common issues faced around the community in India.

The group has managed to hold meetups in the following places till now:

  • South Campus Delhi University Empowerers
  • Microsoft Offices Gurgaon
  • Broctagon FinTech Group Noida Office PyCon India

We have covered a wide range of subjects like : Bitcoins, HyperLedger, Wallets, Ethereum, Mining, Blockchain Forensics, Smart Contracts using Solidity, Viper, ICO’s, Regulations around Crypto currencies.

Who should attend the Blockchain Conference ?

Anyone who wants to learn about:

  • The basics of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Mining, ICO’s.
  • Cutting edge research done in the field of Blockchain.
  • Regulations and legalities around Bitcoin, ICO/Blockchain , Exchanges, Decentralised Exchanges.
  • How to write smart contracts, use GETH/PyEthereum, Viper, Solidity, common pitfalls and the like.
  • Industry players(AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM…) and their initiatives around blockchain.Exact Schedule with list of talks would be out on 25t h November by the OrganisersThe Global Blockchain Conference , is being organized in Delhi/NCR state by open communities, namely CryptocurrencyIndia , HyperLedger Delhi/NCR , meetup groups.For more details visit the organisers official website. Tickets for the event are priced at 6000 INR, You can buy tickets for the event here Contact us: contact@blockchaincon.io

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