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Bitcoin Isn’t the Only Crypto Adding Lightning Tech Now

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Lightning is spreading across the cryptocurrency landscape. Originally designed for use on bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market size was also the first to implement the concept, touted as a way to make transactions faster and cheaper by moving them to a layer above the blockchain. But with scalability emerging as a pressing issue across …

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Western Union Confirms Testing Ripple Technology For Money Transfers

The financial services provider Western Union (WU) is testing transactions with the use of Ripple’s(XRP) Blockchain-based settlement system, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Raj Agrawal said in an interview with Bloomberg Feb. 14. The globally known money transfer company Western Union confirmed that it is testing Ripple following more than a month of rumor-fuelled speculation that began in early January. …

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As Bitcoin Soars, So Do Coinbase Customer Complaints

It was around midnight, January 31, when K. received an email from Coinbase containing a 1099 tax form. That was strange enough – K. certainly didn’t expect a cryptocurrency exchange to be a conduit for government documents. Then K. looked at how much Coinbase said he owed money on: $2.4 million. …

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